Silly Lexi...

A couple funny conversations...

It's been snowing the past couple days.
Lexi: Mommy, I love snow.
Cassie: I know you do, honey.
Lexi: Do you like snow Mommy?
Cassie: Um, no. I don't like snow.
Lexi: But why?
Cassie: Because snow is too cold. Mommy doesn't like cold.
Lexi: Oh. Can you pretend to like snow?
Cassie: Uh, sure. I can pretend for you.
Lexi: Thanks! Mommy, I love snow.
Cassie: I love snow too.
Lexi: Yeah!

So, I told Lexi we were going to the store, and when we got there, this is what she said:
Lexi: Mom, are we at Costco?
Cassie: Yes, we are. How did you know that?
Lexi: Um, I just knew.
(I think she saw the big 'C' and figured out it was Costco.)
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