Carnival, Parties, etc.

If you're not my friend on facebook, you might not know that we moved to Georgia. I know, I'm terrible at this blog lately. I'm getting caught up, I promise. :)

We moved to Georgia! Yay! We moved in mid-July and so far we are loving it. BUT, I need to get caught up on June first.. :)

Way back in the end of June, we had the Strawberry Days carnival. The girls look forward to this all year. They had a blast!

The girls on one of the rides...

Lexi was so brave! She wanted to go down the big slide, but I couldn't go up with her because I had the baby, and Brandon was off with Lanie, so she said she'd go by herself. And she did! She's on the top left...

Rett on Sunday. So cute!
Lexi and Lanie looked really cute in this pic. I had to include it. :)

Some good friends threw us a going away party before we left Utah. We had so much fun talking and hanging out with all our friends. We will miss them terribly! Here's a pic of my girls hanging out with one of their besties. :)
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