Hiking the Y

Sadly, both Brandon and I have been living here 7 years and have not climbed the Y. I did when I was 7 years old, so let's reminice with me...

I was 7, and my sister Rebecca and her hubbie Greg were going to BYU. My family visited for some reason, and she took my twin Callie and I (and maybe a couple other siblings, Sherry maybe?) to hike the Y. We ate Subway while sitting on the top. It is one of the few memories I have (bad memory), and I remember it being a blast. I even remember the shirt I was wearing...

So, we have carried on the tradition. Brandon and I hiked the Y with the kiddies and ate Subway at the top.

Lexi was a total rockstar. She climbed almost the whole way, except the last 300 feet or so. And she was happy the whole time.
The gang. Poor Laney. I promise she smiles...
I had Laney on my back so Brandon's shoulders would be available for Lexi. Laney was so tired in this pic.

This last picture cracks me up. They have the same expression on their faces in this. This was on the way down, and it was getting HOT.

All in all, it was really fun. Lexi is still talking about 'sitting on the Y' and eating chips. We probably won't be doing it again any time soon, but it was really fun. Maybe when it gets a little colder...
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More Georgia '09

Here are some more pics from my mom-in-law's camera from Georgia...

Our new family picture. Laney looks like the Godfather in it, but oh well.
Lexi playing with Brandon. I believe they were looking for rocks. I'm not sure... all I know is that I feel like most of the time I was inside nursing Laney.
I got to wakeboard! Yeah! It's been years and years. I even jumped a couple of times.

Lexi lookin so cute...

A mommy-daughter moment. Aw.
Is anyone surprised that Lexi was able to find the only two princesses brought onto the boat?

Sorry, Brandon and I are both very white and very awkward in this picture. But it's one of the only pictures we have just the two of us. Oh well.
We made a lot of sand castles.
I'm too lazy to look up any more pictures. Sorry. But Georgia was so fun!

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Bishop, again

So, when my hubbie saw my last post, he kind of complained that I use the same two pictures of him whenever I blog about him. Then I looked in my picture archives and found out exactly why I only have two good pictures of him. Enjoy. If I were you I would click on the photo to see it more enlarged. You get the full effect that way.

Love you, Hub!
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