Both of my girls are exactly the same when it comes to feeding: They are high maintenance. When Lexi was little, I bottle-fed her. Breastfeeding was not easy for me, and I gave up after two months. Anyway, when I fed her, the formula had to be just the right temperature. Not too cold, not too hot. And I couldn't talk. Not. one. word. If I did, Lexi would start crying and freak out until I was dead quiet.

Well, it's the same with Laney. She's breastfeeding, so the milk is always the right temperature, but she hates it when I talk or when Lexi talks to me while I'm feeding her. Do you see the problem? It's impossible to be quiet when there's a toddler in the house. Lexi always comes up and talks to me. I try to schedule her feedings while Lexi's napping so she can have her quiet time, but that's only once a day. I still have the morning and evening where Laney just doesn't eat well because Lexi comes up to tell me about her dolly or her kitchen set.

Oh well. What's a girl to do? Any suggestions?


You've gotta watch this. So cute!


She's just the cutest baby ever. I love watching this little one sleep. This makes everything worth it. The nine months, the labor, the hard time learning to breastfeed, the midnight feedings, everything. She's adorable. My sister Joy told me a few weeks back, "They are only like this once. Don't worry about your house. Just have fun with your baby." That helped a ton.
My wonderful twin sister gave me an apron for my (our) birthday, and she gave one to Lexi! I love mine (I was getting grease stains on all my clothes) and Lexi has a ball cooking with me. She always asks for her apron when we start making dinner. Here's a tip for all you mom's: Try having your toddler help make dinner. Now Lexi will eat what I make for dinner when before she would never touch it. I think it helps them know how it was made to trust it.
I think this is my favorite skirt so far. I love the color blue it is. It's a week of cold weather, so Lexi won't wear it for a while, but I love it.
And the pic doesn't help this yellow skirt much, but the shirt and skirt match better in real life. With this one, the fabric was a little transparent, so I had to sew a lining with it. It's like putting two skirts into one. Not very fun, but the end result is still really cute.
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My daughter is funny

Here's the scene:

We are at the gym and Lexi and Laney are at the gym daycare. Brandon and I have just finished playing racquetball (I won, but he was only playing at 75%) and are doing our separate workouts. The daycare worker comes to get Brandon because Lexi says she needs to go potty.

Have we tried potty training her? Yes, twice. Was it successful? No. But Brandon goes in anyway to see if she will actually go on the potty.

In the bathroom:

Brandon: Okay Lexi, try to go pee pee on the potty.
Lexi: I want Mommy.
Brandon: Mommy's in the gym. Try and go potty.
Lexi: I want Mommy!
Brandon: Mommy can't come right now. Try and go potty.

Lexi thinks Brandon doesn't understand, so she says, "No. I want Cassie."



Sewing is like the Twilight series...

Once I start, I'm addicted. :)

I've been trying to save money lately, and I decided to try my hand at sewing. My wonderful grandmother gave me a sewing machine for my birthday last year, and since then I've been doing little things. But I wanted to make a summer wardrobe for Lexi without breaking the bank. I've been SO lucky to get hand me downs for Lexi from my sister Rebecca, but nowadays her daughter and Lexi are about the same size. So alas, I have to come up with summer outfits for Lexers.

I bought shirts at old navy for cheap, and I went and got matching material. My sister Jan told me a very simple skirt pattern and how to do it, so I went for it. After about a million phone calls to Jan the first night, I've got it pretty okay. I've done four outfits, and I have two more skirts to do. Six outfits for about $40. Not bad, eh?

This was my first skirt.
My second skirt.

It was really fun picking out material.
Lexi LOVES wearing her skirts. She feels like a princess every day. She's used to having to bundle up for cold weather, so she's had fun the past couple days.

When I start a new skirt, Lexi says, "Another kirt, Mommy?" I say, "Yes, honey." She says, "Thank you Mommy! Thank you!"

I have a lot of material left, so I was thinking about making Laney matching ones. I don't know if I want to be that ambitious or not. We'll see.
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Seven months...

Of winter. This picture was taken yesterday. There was even more snow on the ground this morning. It's April 16th, people. Awesome.

At least my wonderful husband stayed home with the kids this morning so I wouldn't have to trudge them through the snow to get to the gym.
And this is the nightly picture during Laney's awake time. Isn't she cute?
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So, I was peeling a carrot to eat with ranch, and Lexi came in. She wanted to share with me. Instead of going to the table like a normal person, I just sat right on the floor of the kitchen and shared my carrot with Lexi. We were talking and having so much fun. It was nice spending time with my Lexi again.

How can you resist those blue eyes? And messy face...
This is what made it possible. Brandon taking care of little Laney. They snuck in a nap together.
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This guy...

Turns 27 today! Happy birthday, Hubbie! I have created a list of 27 things I love about Brandon. Here goes...

27. He's very smart. He would never say so, but if he's committed to learning something, he excels at it.
26. He knows nothing about music. Frankly, I think this helps our relationship more than it hurts it. Too many musicians can be a little too dramatic.
25. Even though he knows nothing about music, he has a really good singing voice.

24. He makes Lexi laugh her head off. He created a character named "Cubert" out of his hand and this hand puppet reads her stories and makes her crack up.
23. Whenever he gives Laney the "butt pat", she goes right to sleep.
22. He wakes up many times a night to help with the baby, and he never ever complains.
21. He always does the dishes after dinner.
20. He is very considerate of his OCD wife and loads the dishwasher the exact way she likes it.
19. His "dot dance." He created this dance when we were first married (long story about the title) and I LOVE it.
18. He's stinkin hilarious. He's making me laugh all. the. time! But he never puts down another person to be funny. He only ever makes fun of himself.
17. His natural ability to make friends.
16. He gives me "magic fingers" every night. (Don't worry, it's not dirty. He just lightly scratches my back.)

15. His stinkin hot body. Don't be fooled by his humble exterior. He's got some serious muscle going on.
14. His booty. Lexi has the same booty and I love it. :)
13. His care and concern for other people. He rarely thinks about himself.
12. He is so helpful with the house and the kids. He's always asking how he can help me.
11. His mad grilling skills. He is incredible at creating sauces to put on the meat.
10. His sweet pork. Again, simply the best.
9. His dedication to the gospel. Sometimes he simply amazes me.
8. His laugh. I LOVE it when he laughs. His smile is awesome too. And he's never had braces. It's just not fair...
7. He brings me flowers for no reason. I love that.
6. His blue eyes. Especially when he's wearing my favorite blue shirt.
5. His ability to love me, no matter how stupid I get.
4. His concern to eat healthy. It kind of balances my ability to eat as UNhealthy as I can.
3. His drawing skills. He's a really good artist. He should draw more often...
2. His love for his family. Especially his little sister. He talks about her all the time...
1. His willingness to do anything asked of him, especially by me. He will try and make me happy no matter how hard it is.

I love this boy and I'm so glad he decided to marry me.

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My little puff ball

I love this outfit. I don't know why. I think it's because I remember Lexi wearing it the first night back from the hospital, and she puked all over it just as we were going to bed. Ah, memories...

But really. It just looks so soft and comfy on my babies. Laney's still growing into it, but she still looks cute.

And sorry for the lack of pictures of Laney lately. My children have serious baby acne until they're around 2 months, and I don't tend to document it.

This is our bedtime party again. Laney not wanting to sleep as Brandon and I are getting ready for bed, and finally giving up and getting out the camera. Might as well be taking pictures if we're not sleeping...
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2 things...

1) I've had Brandon start my car for me the past three mornings. It's April and it's freezing!

2) Working out is so much easier when you're not pregnant! I know that's a no brainer, but you kind of forget when you've been pregnant for 9 months.