Funny story...

So, I have an account on lds.org so I can get into my ward's website. A few weeks ago it starts telling me I have to update my username. So, I finally get around to doing it, and I decide to just put in my username I have now... CassieWernli. But...
it won't let me. It says I can't use that username because it has 'an inappropriate word' in it. Huh? I've always known that my name, Cassie, has an inapropriate word in it, but it was REALLY funny to me that my name was rejected on lds.org. So, now my username is CWernli.

FYI- if you plan on getting an account with lds.org, don't try to sneek an 'inappropriate' word past them. They'll catch ya. :)
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Okay, seriously?

Can this girl get any cuter? I know I'm biased, but still. The one dimple, the blue eyes, the two bottom teeth, goodness. I had Laney's one-year pictures taken a couple weeks ago, and this is just a taste. I haven't gotten the whole CD yet. I'll definitely post when I do.

If you're in the area and want a dang good photographer for a dang good deal, go here.
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1st Date, again...

For Valentine's Day, Brandon surprised me with a night out. Tyler, Brandon's brother, was nice enough to babysit so we could go out. Once we got in the car, Brandon had me read his journal entry from our first date, after which he told me he was re-creating our first date. How cute is that? You see, 5 years ago, we had a 'DTR' and went from friends to dating coincidentally on Valentine's Day. Our first date was Feb. 17, 2005. So, on our first date 5 years ago, we went to see Young Ambassadors at BYU, and they just so happened to be performing last weekend! So we headed to Young Ambassadors in Provo.

Here we are waiting for it to start.
We had a little fun killing some time...
On our first date we headed on over to TGI Fridays after the performance, so last weekend that's exactly what we did. Get this- they seated us in the EXACT same booth! Weird, huh? And it wasn't previously designed by Brandon. Just coincidence. Brandon and I decided that when we're millionaires, we are going to buy that booth so we can go whenever we want and it will be our space. :)
Another crazy face. Brandon's so good at them, I don't think I can ever compete. :)

So there you have it. Our first date, two kids later. It was a total blast, and we had so much fun. I love my hubbie!
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Mm Mm Good part Deux

I promise I won't take any more pictures of our food. But these wontons turned out more of a golden brown, and I added crab. They were really yummy.

And cashew chicken. So yum. More of a fresh flavor than the sesame chicken, with all the veggies. Thanks Rachel for the home-grown snow peas. They were delicious! Really. They made the meal.
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Celeb Look a Likes

In honor of Facebook's doppelganger week, I've decided to show my family of look-a-likes. Well, not my family. Brandon's family. He and his brothers look like celerities. So here goes, by age...


Russell Crowe
I couldn't find
one where he
wasn't hairy.

Hubs. Isn't
he so
hardcore? :)
Robert Patrick
T 1000 from
Terminator 2

I only have
2 pics total
of Jason.
John Mayer

Tyler. He's
pretty young
in this pic. He
looks much
older now.
Justin Berfield
from Malcom in
the Middle

I don't think Lindsay looks like anyone, but she's gorgeous, isn't she?

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Did I tell you that...

my childhood house burned down? It happened in the beginning of January, and I think I posted something on Facebook. But I was going through old emails today and was looking through the pictures again. So sad...

I lived in this house from when I was 3 til when I was 17. I loved this house. I always told myself I would buy it later on in life. And it's funny- every time I went down to Mesa I always wanted to try and tour my house to see how it's changed, but I never actually did.

Apparently a little kid was watching something on the projector in the basement, and he fell asleep. The projector started a fire. No one was injured, but because of the inaccessability of the basement (it only has the stairway down, I remember it well), they couldn't get to it and it just burned and burned.

The front of my house. Well, not my house anymore, but you know what I mean... I remember my parents putting in that bay window...
I also remember my mom picking out those numbers for our house. She loved them... This house had the best back yard. So big...
This one makes me sad. There used to be an entire upper level. Master bedroom, master bath, library, office... That's not snow on the ground, by the way. It's foam from when they were putting out the flames.
One more little close up of that bay window again.
When's the last time you visited your childhood house?
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