US Airways. Again.

So, I really just want to complain about US Airways some more. I'm trying to convince everyone in the blogging world to boycott.

1. I already said that they charge $15 for the FIRST bag you check. That's pretty ridiculous.

2. So, while on the plane this weekend, they start their beverage service, and when they come to me, I ask for water, and they say, "It's $2 for water." Okay, what about coke? "It's $2 for any beverage now." Really? This is an 8 month pregnant lady here. You've already taken my bottled water away from me since security checkpoint, and now you won't give me water on the plane???

Again. Ridiculous.


Arizona = Fabulous

I'm back from my wonderful trip to AZ. I had so much fun visiting my fam. Now, keep in mind that my camera is STILL getting fixed, so these are all borrowed from my sister. I'm still waiting on two other sisters to completely fill me in with photos. Consider yourself reminded, Rebecca and Callie.

Activities included this weekend were as follows:

Saturday lunch with my siblings. Macaroni Grill. Yum.

Saturday dinner of In and Out Burger. Again, yum.

Saturday night game night with all adults. Girls always win. Most of the time it's legit, and sometimes it's because we all got my Dad's competitive genes and we refuse to lose. Therefore, the spouses let us cheat. This time we won fair and square.

Sunday dinner with the whole fam, all children, etc. This is usually about 60 people. We had Hawaiian Haystacks, my favorite. Aren't they nice to me?

Monday hard hard aerobics workout. Rebecca and Joy, you are my heroes for doing that class three times a week.

Monday lunch at Ned's crazy sub. You'd think I'd be sick of that place considering my entire high school existence revolved around me working there. But no. Still love it.

Off to the airport. Tears of sadness were shed. But I was coming home to the cutest little girl ever, so what do I have to complain about?

Here are some pics at Saturday night game night.

Clark and Margs. Clark, you got so lucky with this one.
Spencer and Brianne. Again, Spence, so lucky. How did my brothers do so well?

Several people including Joy and Dave, Greg and Rebecca, the back of me and Margs.

Callie and Bryce.

This is Sunday dinner. Yes, we ate OUTSIDE. It was perfect weather.
Some kiddies on the tramp.

Other kiddies eating dinner.

The adults eating dinner too.

Blowing out birthday candles. There were two birthdays to celebrate this time. There's at least one a week.
The best thing about this weekend. The warm weather!!! It was amazing. Thank you, wonderful family, for planning so many activities while I was there. I know it's hard getting together when there's a million of us. Thanks for showing up!

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US Airways

US Airways is awful. There are numerous reasons why I hate this company, including a screaming match with the customer service person, and at least three ways that they've jipped us, but now there's another reason. I'm flying this weekend to AZ to visit my family, sans Lexi, which sadly, I'm very excited about, and I was looking up their regulations. They charge $15 for the FIRST bag checked. That's ridiculous!

Luckily, since I don't have Lexi, and it's just for the weekend, I'm just taking carryons. I'm not giving them any more of my money! And you shouldn't either. :)


Blog book

LOVE this idea. Now I just have to convince my hubbie that it's worth the not very much money. :)

Then I wouldn't even have to pretend that I scrapbooked. :) Which I don't. No desire whatsoever.


I feel naked

I don't have a camera, and it makes me sad. I dropped our camera in its case while we were at Temple Square before Christmas, and it broke the part that holds the batteries in. But it still worked if you pushed the batteries in. Then the day after Christmas, it stopped working. At least it worked for Christmas.

I took it in to Best Buy to get it fixed and they said it could take up to 6 weeks, but it will most likely take just 2 weeks for them to get it back to me. Let's hope it's not 6 weeks. That's cutting it pretty close to Laney's due date.

I feel weird not having a camera. What if Lexi does something cute? I won't be able to document it. So she knows she's not allowed to do anything picture-worthy.

On the bright side, I can't take my updated pregnancy photo. Darn.