Girls' Hair- 4 Ponytails

Another hair post! Yeah! I'm starting to realize how hard it is to do hair AND take pictures at the same time. Hmmm. We might have to think of a different solution...

So, today, we are doing 4 little fancy ponytails. Here is what it will look like...
Sorry, she was very cranky that morning, so the pic isn't great. But you get the jist. I like finding hairdos that will get my girls' hair out of their face, but that I can still leave most of their hair down. So, this is a cute solution.

First, you need the right tools. Start by spraying generously and making a little part with your comb and create a little ponytail at the front of the head.

That's a really bad pic. Just put a rubberband in that little pony tail.


Repeat again. Until you have 4 ponytails. The key to this hairstyle is that there needs to be room on the scalp for 4 ponies until you hit the cowlick on the back of the head. AND your ponies have to be all the same size and the parts for the ponies have to line up.

Still repeating...

Okay, I've got 4 ponies.

Then I use the same technique as the waterfall ponytail, but upside down. You see, you create a part in the middle of the little ponytail...

And then you pull the ponytail over the TOP, not down below.
Push it through the top...

Pull it all the way out...

And tighten. Repeat for the rest of them. This way it lays flat to the head, and doesn't stick up like the waterfall ponytail.

This keeps it out of her face, but it's still pretty cute. A variation on this would be to do just one bigger ponytail, and pull it through the top for just one fancy pony. That works too. I do it ALL the time.

Couldn't resist this messy-face photo! :)

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  1. very cute! I have been extremely lazy with Katelyn's hair lately, i need to get on the ball :)

  2. I hope my girls have this much hair...whenever I have a girl :-)

  3. I am totally using this one this week!