Hair Ideas- Waterfall Pigtails

So, I have a lot of people-- okay, maybe like 2 people-- ask me for hair tips and advice for doing girls' hair, so I thought I would try and put one hairdo a week on my blog and see if it helps any of you guys.

I'm no expert- trust me. And most of the time I just try to duplicate what I see on other little girls. But I wanted to start with my favorite little girl hairstyle- the Waterfall pigtails. Let's start with the essentials... the products.

I just can't do my girls' hair without them. Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel- it's a hairspray that stays moldable and it's easy to wash out, a comb with a point on the end, and non-stick elastics. I get mine from walmart, and they come conveniently color coded.

Okay, step one for these pigtails- make regular pigtails. :) Spray the part in the hair generously with the spray gel, then use the comb to make a good part.
Make the first pigtail. Remember to spray generously with the gel. Trust me, it helps.
Next, do the second pigtail. You're gonna want to make sure that they line up on the same level.
Once you have the pigtails in place, get your comb out and make a split in the middle of the pigtail.
Spread the ponytail out enough to pull the ponytail under the band.
Use the comb to help pull all the hair out.
Split the hair in half and tighten the ponytail.

Repeat on the other side. Note that my kid is watching tv. That's the only way I can get her to sit still. :)

Then I use the straitener to give the hair the perfect curled bounce, and she's done!

I love this style because it's cute, but also because the ponytail lays flat to her head and it won't hurt her when she takes a nap.
Welp, hopefully that all made sense and it helps!
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  1. Yes! Thank you for being willing to post about this. I am always admiring Lexi and Laney's hair-do's. Now that Phoebe's hair is getting longer, I am needing some more ideas. I'm excited for the next one!

  2. good work. I am picturing you doing laney's hair wit a camera in one hand to take the pictures. that's talent.

  3. I am so freakin' excited you are posting these. I try to picture what your girls' hair looks like so I can copy, but I am not the most observant or remembering soul, so these posts are fantastic. Thanks :)

  4. P.S. I never would have thought of a straightener - genius. Do you use the skinny one?

  5. I use a skinny one, but I also use my semi-thick one sometimes. It doesn't really matter, actually.