Girls' hair- 2 buns with a ribbon

I have good news. I've started a little girls' hair menu at the side of my blog. So if you want to look up all the hairstyles at the sidebar, you can.

Anywho, today is an easy hairdo, but an oh-so-cute hairdo. I just love ribbons in little girls' hair!

First, spray generously with spray gel, and put one side into a low ponytail- This is the key- Low, and by the ear. It will help keep the ribbon in place later.

Then put the other ponytail in place. Make sure they are on the same level. And I didn't realize how un-centered her part was until I was halfway done. And I was too lazy to change it. :)

Next, twist up one ponytail until it starts twisting on itself...

Twist it around and hold it in place with your finger.

Get another elastic and hold that hair in place.


Do the same on the other side.

You're pretty much done!

So cute! But it's even cuter with a ribbon! Most of the ribbons I own actually came from gift bags and such and I just kept the ribbon to use in my hair and my girls' hair.

This is where the Low bun by the ear helps. You will tie the ribbon in place on her head, or use some of those elastic headbands that you can buy...

But by having the bun so close to the ear, it will help keep the ribbon/headband in place all day.
Enjoy! Hope this helps.

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  1. Love it--I'm going to use this for myself!!! :D Cute Lanie :D