I got Lucky

No, not that kind of Lucky. Get your mind out of the gutter.

So, yesterday we were privileged to go to the sealing of some good friends of ours. We got a babysitter for the occasion, and then went on a mini-date after the sealing.

I was taking said babysitter home at the end of the evening. After talking with her and hearing her say 'like' about 400 times in our conversation, I successfully dropped her off, and I was on my way home.

I usually have "The Wiggles" on in the car for Lexi, but I had no kids in the car and a SheDaisy song came on that I hadn't heard in, 'like', forever. So I started jamming out and singing at the top of my lungs. It felt great.

Then the cop car lights turn on behind me. Shoot. Having a little too much fun. I had no idea what the speed limit was because I'm never on this road, so I'm pretty worried.

The cop comes to the window and says, "Do you realize you were going 49 in a 35?" I think, well I knew I was going 49. And the speed limit is 35? This road is pretty much a highway north of the timp temple. Why the heck is the speed limit 35?

I say very sweetly, "No, I wasn't aware I was going that fast." He asks for license and proof of insurance, and guess what? I don't have a current proof of insurance in the car. Great. He takes my license.

As I'm sitting there, wondering how much I'm going to owe, I realize that the registration on our car was up in February. February was a pretty busy month you know with having a baby and all, so it wasn't on my list of things to worry about. Awesome.

He comes back to the car, I give him our expired insurance card because it has the same policy number that we have now, and I wait for it.

There are two kinds of cops. The ones that are out to get you and take pleasure in giving you tickets (my sister Joy tends to get these), and the ones that are just trying to do their job and are nice to you.

I fortunately got the latter. He gave me a verbal warning for both the registration and the proof of insurance, which is pretty lucky since both are really big fines.

He then still gave me a ticket (shoot) for only going 5 over the speed limit. I haven't had a ticket in about 6 or 7 years, so I can do traffic school to keep it off my record.

He then told me congrats on the new baby (he asked why I didn't renew the registration), and I was on my way. I still cried as I was driving home because I was really mad at myself.

I get out my phone to call Brandon and tell him the bad news, and I realize that I missed a text from him that he sent about 10 minutes ago. It says, "I love you. Drive Safely."

Double awesome.



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"Really, Cassie?" you say. Yes. Really. "It's practically April," you say. Yes, I know that.

Without fail, every year I have lived in Utah it gets really cold around my birthday. And here it comes again.

April, you're not going to be very nice to me, are you?



Sorry, no pictures. Laney keeps getting worse and worse with the sleeping lately. That's okay. At least she's healthy. She has a hard time sleeping at night, and just when Lexi goes down for her nap and I would love to join in on the afternoon sleeping, Laney decides she wants to be held. Again, totally okay.

I just feel bad for Lexi who has a tired and cranky mother.

Scare of my life happened the other day- I'm fixing Lexi's dresser (the knobs keep falling off) and Laney is occasionally fussing in the swing. Lexi's very good at putting her paci back in her mouth, and she's been doing it all day, so I ask Lexi to do that for me. A few minutes go by, and Lexi comes walking in- with Laney in her hands! I just about died. She had taken Laney out of the swing and decided to bring her to me. Ah!

I quickly explained to Lexi that she should always ask my help to hold her sister, and took Laney. There were at least some good points to this scare. First, Lexi was holding her exactly right- her little arms wrapped around her back, with Laney cuddled to her body. She wasn't dragging her by the head or anything. That at least tells me Lexi is somewhat capable. And she brought Laney right to me- she didn't try and take her anywhere else and take care of her.

Still, I will be watching Lex a little more carefully from now on.


Laney's awake time

Laney's favorite and usually only time that she's awake is from 10pm to about 11:30. Great, huh? Brandon and I are usually delirious with fatigue, so we try and pass the time. One night we walk in and see Laney entertaining herself. Reading.

Coincidentally, the book was called, "The Millionare's Daughter. " Wishful thinking, I guess. We just about sing praises when she finally falls asleep.
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