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Lanie's B-day and Velentine's Day

Lanie loved her birthday. Her favorite gift was this weebles bus from Nana. She's pantsless because she got chocolate ice cream cake on them and they were pretty dirty.
Her cake. It looks kind of like Oso's arms are on fire. But it was yummy!

Then, it was like some kind of timer went off and Lanie finally started letting me do her hair. On her birthday she actually let me do a french braid.
And of course Valentine's Day was a total blast...

Here's Lexi. She LOVED getting all her valentines at preschool.
Lanie loved how Lexi shared her candy with her. :)
Brandon's brother Tyler babysat for us so we could go on a date. It was so nice to just enjoy an evening with my husband. We went to TGI Friday's, where we went on our first date. We're kinda sad that the one in Provo is no longer there, but the one in Sandy was good enough.
We had appetizers. They have dang good appetizers. And we just had to make goofy faces...



Oh my goodness, our trip to Georgia was a total blast! I will tell you about it in the shortest form I can, since there was so much we had fun doing...

The things I learned on our recent trip:

1) The iPad is the best invention EVER.

Dear iPad,

Thank you for being invented. I love you. You made the airplane trips so easy. Your 10-hour battery life saved our lives. We didn't have to worry about a DVD player losing battery for the 5 1/2 hours on the planes (we had a connector flight) and Laney just watched movies the whole time. And Lexi watched movies and played other games. I actually got to READ. MY BOOK. For TWO HOURS. And though my girls didn't fall asleep at all, I'm sure that if you had an app for that, they would have. I love you. A lot.
Love, Cassie

2) Lanie's new best friend is Grandpa. Whenever she saw him she's run right over and hug and cuddle him.

3) My sis-in-law Lindsay is cute. And funny. But I already knew that. :) And she's a seriously busy teenager!

4) Lanie is allergic to cashews. THAT was fun. Poor girl. However, she is not allergic to any other nut that I know of. AND it wasn't that terrible of a reaction. She didn't need to go to the hospital or anything...

5) The Georgia aquarium is AWESOME. The girls had such a blast there. Here are a few photos... I think I only took 8 photos the whole week.

Here's the best pic I could get of the 3 of them. Lexi's cousin Kalle was staying with her Nana and Grandpa, so she got to hang out with us. Kalle's mom is having TWINS and is on bedrest, so Nana and Grandpa are watching Kalle for the next few weeks.
Here's Lanie enjoying one of the kiddie tunnels. This place was seriously kid-friendly.
Brandon had to put Lanie on time-out and this is where he decided to put her. I thought it was pretty funny and I exploited her misfortune.

6) Chick-fil-et is really yummy. I haven't eaten there in a while...

7) People still think I'm 7 years younger than I am. Allow me to reminisce... When I was 19, someone thought I was 12. True story. Then, when we were on the plane home to Utah last week, this woman behind me asked my age. I told her I was 26, and she said her friend couldn't believe I was older than 19, but I had two kids. Back when I was 19 it was insulting. Now it's kinda flattering. I guess.

8) Prayer works. It's the only way we got Lanie to sleep on the last plane flight. And it's not fun to travel and 1am with kids.

9) My girls sure love their grandparents. Lexi keeps asking me when we can go back.

10) Traveling with a 4 year old is so easy. She was so responsible and good. We told her she'd have to be understanding and good because Lanie might be a disaster. And she was. She was so accomodating and nice about everything on the flights.

The end. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back. We love you Nana and Grandpa! (and lindsay of course)
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