Brandon's 30th

Hello there, blog. Long time no see. Let's see if we can play some catch-up...
Brandon turned 30! Which is just crazy to me. Anywho, the key to surprising your man on his birthday is to do the surprise a week before his birthday. Then he doesn't see it coming. :)

Poor Brandon has been stressed out of his mind with work. Thankfully it's a lot better now that one of his conferences is over. But before his birthday he was pulling 18 hour days. Not only does that make a not-so-fun birthday, but it makes it incredibly hard to plan a surprise party. Brandon works from home. Have you ever tried planning a party and making treats for said party if the surprisee is at home all day?
I had a "playdate" at a friends house and she so nicely let me use her kitchen to get treats done.

I won't bore you with the planning details. Anyway...

I surprised him that night be saying we were gonna celebrate his birthday that night and that I would blindfold him before each destination.

Here he is blindfolded on the way to Tucano's.

Here we are AT Tucano's. 

Then came the surprise party. I knew that he would have a blast if it were a ping-pong party, and our good friends just happen to have a ping-pong table. They were SO nice in letting use take over their garage. They also did all the decorating! They really are the best. It turned out really cute, and of course I didn't take any pics except the one below. A lot of people showed up for the surprise, and I was super happy with how it turned out. So was Brandon! :)

I had 17 pictures printed out poster size and they were of Brandon of all ages. They covered an entire wall. That was actually really cool because several of them look like our kids now. We also had yummy food. 

Brandon pretty much dominated at ping-pong. :) I brought along his shirt that says "I'm awesome at ping-pong" that he put over his other shirt.

I can't believe Brandon's 30. Now he's not such a young age to be bishop. :) Happy birthday hubs! I love you!
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