Dad's Day

Father's Day isn't exactly the best day of relaxation for Brandon. He still has the same amount of meetings as usual. I tried my best to make it a good day for him.

These pics were taken after the girls sang him, "I'm so Glad When Daddy Comes Home." They kind of attack him at the end of the song when it says, "A great big kiss."
Then they just get curious...

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Strawberry Days

We love Strawberry Days around here. We don't do the rodeo. It starts way too late for the girls. But we love going to the carnival! Oh my goodness, the girls had a blast. Here are some pictures.

Waiting for the merry go round...

Also waiting... Isn't she just the cutest 2 year old ever?!

I couldn't get a picture with all three of them looking at the camera. Believe me. I tried. Needless to say, they were loving it!

Ferris Wheel. Also a favorite... Lanie's in there too. Try and find her foot...

Another ride. Funniest thing- the two girls in the front? They are the daughters of a guy who grew up with Brandon. Small world, huh? This guy walked up to us and said to Brandon, "You're from New York, right?" And he and Brandon were in the same stake growing up. He now lives in Orem with his wife and 3 girls.

The train ride. By this time, Lanie had kind of called it quits. We left soon after.
The best part of Strawberry Days? Strawberries and cream. So good!

It was a really fun night! Funny thing was, the girls didn't like the carnival food, which is just weird to me. They did however like cotton candy. Lanie was skeptical at first, it does look funny, but once she saw that Lexi was eating it, she tried it and loved it.



Sorry, these few posts are videos. But none of them are long! And they're pretty fun.

Anywho, Brandon found a snake at the garden with Lexi, and they brought it home for the day. How did I feel about this? I LOVED IT! I kind of love snakes. Brandon and I both know that as soon as we have a house, we will have a pet snake. Yes, we are THAT kind of people. :)

I think if Lexi didn't have the parents she has, she'd probably be terrified. But because we both love them, she's not afraid. And Lanie, well, Lanie is Lanie. Not scared of anything. She kept saying, "Snake! SSSSSSS!"

I promise that all extremities were washed after handling the snake. He was kind of stinky, and germy.


My kids LOVE the pool. We go at least 4 times a week. And they are both doing great with the swimming! I promise these videos are really short.

This 1st vid is of Lexi swimming. She treads water more than anything else, but she's doing great at swimming without me even in the pool with her.

Here's Lanie. She's still fearless as usual, but she's figured out how to kick her feet and actually GO somewhere.

Tball '11

If you are ever bored on a Tuesday or Thursday night, come with us to Tball. It is so stinking entertaining! 4 years old are so funny. Lexi is doing great. Here she is hitting the ball during her first game. Sorry the angle isn't great!


Brandon's wedding dance

The groomsmen did this dance with the bridesmaids, and Brandon is included. Please watch it. It's pretty awesome. Brandon is the second one to dance in. He does a wicked robot. :)

I also have to add that he had about 30 minutes to learn it since he wasn't there the night before. I think he did great! It was really fun to watch.

Tyler's wedding

So, two weeks ago was Brandon's brother Jason's wedding in Seattle. This weekend was Tyler's wedding in Florida.

We looked up plane tickets and they were just ridiculously priced.

Dear airlines,
Lower your stinking prices.
Love, Me

Since we didn't want to play close to $2000 to fly the whole family out, we left our kids with our fabulous friends the Jensens. P.S. The Jensens are looking to adopt, so if you know anyone wanting to place with the perfect couple, go here. They were so nice to watch our kids from Friday night to Sunday afternoon so we could make the quick trip to see Tyler get married.

We took a red-eye Friday night, not fun, to get into Orlando by Saturday morning. We went to the condos, which were perfect, to shower and get ready for the temple. Brandon and his dad gave Tyler a blessing, excellent idea I thought, and they went to the temple. We waited for a few other people and left soon afterward.

The Orlando temple is absolutely gorgeous. It was such a spiritual experience. And it's always fun to witness a sealing when you've been sealed yourself. It helps you to remember that special day of your own.

After, we took some pictures at the temple. I actually remembered my camera, so I took a few myself...
Tyler and Valentina. I know, I know. The most gorgeous couple ever. My brothers-in-law have the most beautiful wives on the planet. It's EXTREMELY intimidating. I thought it would be bad enough with just Kim, but now there's also Caitlin and Valentina to make me look homely in all the pictures. :)

Brandon giving a classic goofy face.

The wedding party. I thought it was cute that all four brothers had each other as best man at all the weddings.

Blurry, but I still thought it was cute. This was their couple dance at the reception. They were SO cute to watch throughout the day. So in love, and you could just see it in their eyes.

We got a rental car for the weekend, because we knew we had semi-inconvenient flight times, and we didn't want people to worry about getting us to the airport. We got a super good deal (LOVE priceline). When we went to pick it up, they were out of 'economy' cars, so we got to ride around in this beauty. Brand spanking new. It was pretty fun, I have to say. Though I didn't feel attractive enough to be in it. :) I was willing to rub my pregnant belly all over the interior to make it a little less cool, but decided against it. :)

This was taken the morning we headed back for Utah, and we were both pretty exhausted. He looks a little tired.

It was such a fun, quick weekend! We had fun with Brandon's family, and we laughed our heads off as usual. Lindsay, please wait a while til you get married. We need a break. :)

Again, thank you so much for watching our kids, Ryan and Kristen. We owe you BIG TIME.

Up next, Brandon had to do a group dance at the wedding, and I took a video. You're welcome, America.
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Boy oh Boy

We had the ultrasound on Tuesday, and we're seeing blue! Yup, we're finally getting a boy. I'm so excited, but a little freaked out at the same time. And do you know how much pink stuff we have? Carseat, crib bedding, blankets, clothes of course, shoes, socks... we're all pink around here! Brandon and I were talking, and he was all, "Do we really need to replace all the girl stuff?" And I said, "Do you really want your son to sleep in a pink crib with pink birds and lavender grass?" And he said, "Good point." The good news is that I love sales! I can search for all the deals I want.

With the first two babies I wanted boys. I cried when I found out they were girls. And that sounds so odd to me because I love my girls. But I am SOOOO excited to have a boy. Brandon is so excited to have a boy. Lexi, on the other hand, won't talk about it. She was pretty upset. She really wanted a baby sister. When she found out at the ultrasound, she just sat there quietly and refused to talk to us about it. It was pretty funny.

Anywho, here comes the obligatory pictures...

This was when I was pregnant with Lanie, 3ish years ago. I was 20 weeks. Yikes about the pic. Should've had Brandon do more than one...

This is present day. I am 19 1/2 weeks prego here. I think I look bigger, but I feel bigger so it's not terribly shocking. The nurse was all mean about me measuring a week later than I should. I told her it was the same with my first baby and second baby too. She didn't believe me that I have big babies. Stupid nurses...

Guess I HAVE to smile every once in a while...

This proves my belly button is already sticking out. Problem is that the pic isn't that great. But I promise my belly button is poking out. And I'm only 19 1/2 weeks. Oh well.

And.... I got my hair cut! Lots. I totally love it. It feels so much lighter and healthier, and perfect for summer. It's been a while since it's been this short. Not that it's even short. Short for me though.
Huh. My arm looks fat in this last one. Oh well. And the Christus looks pretty shiny in the background.

Happy Thursday!
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