5 years

5 year anniversary with the hubster was on Thursday. I thought I'd create an omage to our 5 years right here on this very blog.
2005. Our wedding day, of course. So young, no naive...
2006. Lexi's blessing day. We look.... sleep deprived.
2007. Yes, I went brown that year. We call it, "The dark ages." It didn't last very long....
2008. I was 5 1/2 months prego, thus the double chin. Brando and baby look awesome though.
2009. Laney was added to the fam, and having a blast.

2010. Obviously, we have gone crazy. I thought it would take a few more years...

Here's to many more, babe!
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Lexi's dream

Lexi woke up the other day, telling me about the dream she had. Of course it has monsters, babies, and the Little Einsteins in it. And sorry about the bra in the background. I didn't notice it til it was too late.


Conversation with Lexi

L: Hey Mommy, is Nana Daddy's Mommy?
C: Yes, she is.
L: And Grandpa is Daddy's Daddy?
C: Yes, he is. Good job Lex.
L: And Grandma is your Mommy?
C: Yep. You're so smart. Well done!
L: Who's your Daddy, Mommy?
C: Oh. His name is Grandpa Tom. Do you remember seeing his picture on Mommy and Daddy's wedding video?
L: Oh yeah. Where is he?
C: He died. He's in heaven now.
L: Why?
C: Good question. Because Heavenly Father needed him. He gets to live with Heavenly Father.
L: Heavenly Father?
C: Yep. And we'll get to see him again someday.
L: Cool!

It is cool. And it's so cool to know that. Thank goodness for the truth. And thank you Lexi, for the reminder of the truth.