Bishop Wernli

Whoa, that sounds weird...

Just in case you weren't in my ward today, I wanted to let you know that Brandon was called as the bishop today.

And let me tell you how stinking hard it was not to tell my friends that I talk to every day. Man, I felt like I was lying for two weeks. Oh well, secret's out, so I can talk all I want now. :)

I just wanted to give a shout out to my hubbie. I know he is worried that he won't be able to handle all his responsibilities at times, but I also know he will do great. He has an incredible spirit and an amazing capacity to love. And he's cute. :)
Love you, babe!
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The Beach!!!

Our Proffitt Family beach vacation was a couple weeks ago, and it was so fun, as usual! I think next year I'll pay my sister-in-law Margaret to take our pictures, because I never get my camera out on vacations. And because she takes awesome pictures. So, here are just a few pictures I took.

Brandon and Lexi at the water. Lexi wouldn't go without one of us the first few days, but eventually she would venture out there a little by herself. But she loved the water.
Brandon's hole. I told Brandon to express how he felt about this hole with his face. He was trying to reach water, and never did. Oh well.
The next day we were a little closer to the water, so he hit water with the middle hole, and with the help of Tate and Janee, he got two side holes with tunnels in between. It was really fun for the kids.
Lexi was a serious champ when it came to taking naps on the beach. Last year was a nightmare- she had to be held the whole time. But this year, she told me when she was tired and just went to sleep. It was awesome.

The three babies this year- Laney, Teichert, and Abigail. Yes, I promise I held her sometimes, but that is Joy holding Laney.
Laney had a hard time sleeping during this vacation. She's used to her bed. She was still so good though. I call her my MVP baby.
For more photos, see Lexi's blog.

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