"Small butt Cassie"

For some reason I like pics where the family is walking away. I have one from last year on my wall right now. It's kinda my thing. I just like it- it's cute, especially with little kids. So naturally I asked Mandi to take a couple for this year. Well, if you didn't know, I have a... well, a ghetto booty. I've accepted the fact that I have a pretty black butt for such a white person. Some things help... darker pants, heels... none of which I'm wearing in this pic.

Anyway, Mandi showed me a few pictures, and I emailed back that though my butt looks pretty huge in a few pictures, they turned out great.

She emailed this photo back to me and said she hoped this helped. Haha! Then she titled it 'small butt Cassie.' Classic. I think I'll put this on my wall this year... :)
It's probably the only time I'll see myself with a small booty...
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Annual family pics

Because I'm such a terrible photographer, I tend to get family pictures taken every year, just so my poor kids have nice pictures when they're older. I'm thinking of their wedding videos, ya know? So, here are some of my faves of this year.

Mandi Taylor is an excellent photographer by the way, and I'm so lucky to be her friend. She's due to have a baby, like, tomorrow, but if you want to wait a couple months, I'm sure she'd be glad to take your picture.

No, it's not the same place we took it last year. Just some of the pics look kinda the same. The locale for this year was incredible.
So pretty! Right at sunset, at Utah lake... and the weather was better than perfect for a November evening.
This was one of my faves... the colors- wow.
My girls... aren't they cute? Laney was awful for pictures, Lexi was a pro, but we actually got some good photos!
You'll have to stay tuned til Christmas to see which one I liked best- it will be on the Christmas card!
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Weddings and cars

There's the happy couple! Last weekend my mom got married to a wonderful man named Ron. My dad passed away about 5 years ago, and we are really happy Mom found someone to spend the rest of her life with. It was really fun to go down to AZ and have my WHOLE family together. That hasn't happened in, um, years. Here are just a few pictures. I'm terrible at taking pictures...

Here are all my mom's grandkids. Try and find Lexi and Laney... Laney was, well, terrible for all the pictures. She cried and cried and turned her head away. What do you expect? It was her naptime, and she's pretty serious about her sleep. AND she's 21 months. Kids aren't good at pictures until they're at least 4.
A close-up of Mom and Ron in Ron's family pictures. Ron has 5 kids, and Mom has 11. Thus making 16 kids, and about a bajillion grandkids. I don't have pictures of the whole family because I had to be in them, but when I get some I will post them. It was a LOT of people.
The cupcakes, oh the cupcakes. They were so good. My sister is awesome- she made all of them. If you're in Arizona, call her up. Brandon kept saying, "Cas, you have to get this recipe!"
This is our new van. After looking and looking and looking, we finally found one we could call our own! I always said I would never own a minivan, but they are pretty awesome. They are perfect for small kids, and they're way cheaper than SUV's. It got better gas mileage than our mazda on our drive to AZ.
It has all the conveniences I wanted- power sliding doors, dvd player, leather and bucket seats, and one glorious thing I didn't have on my list...
Seat warmers! It is fabulous, I have to say.

If you are going to go on a road trip, you have to get a minivan. It was SO much easier to drive 10 hours with some space in the car! The girls loved watching movies and playing games etc. And we didn't feel completely cramped. Get this- so, I forgot that I packed my mp3 player in my suitcase, so I just climbed in the back and got it out! It was awesome.
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