June 24th marked our 4th anniversary. It really feels like yesterday we got married. Anyway, my wonderful sister Rebecca, who was in town for the week, babysat so we could go out. Here we are in matching shirts. No, it wasn't really on purpose. Here's how the conversation went:

Cassie: What do you want me to wear tonight?
Brandon: (Pointing to this shirt) This one. What do you want me to wear tonight?
Cassie: (Pointing to this shirt) This one.
Brandon: But then we'll look corny and matchy.
Cassie: I don't care. You look good in that shirt.

And he does, doesn't he?
My silly hubbie...

Taking a picture at the restaurant. We went to Goodwood. It was yummy. Mmmm... steak....

Then we went to the park and threw the football around and watched the sunset. It was really fun. It was perfect weather for it. And we don't get to do it very often. Thanks Rebecca for watching the kids!
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Babysiting and such

1. This past week, Lexi and I had the privilege to play with Booker and Teichert who is my brother Clark's kids. You should go to Clark's blog simply because his wife Margaret is an awesome photographer. Anyway, here's some of the activities we ended up doing.

Coloring was fun. That kept them busy for quite a while, actually.
I made these lions for them and they played with them for maybe 10 minutes. Oh well. Apparently they would prefer to color.

Teichert was fascinated with Laney. He stared at her like this most of the time if the two of them were awake. He'd slowly bring his hand up to touch her face occasionally too.

Both Lexi and Booker made towers. Here's Lexi's. And her cheese face.

This is Booker's. Much more sturdy. Which turned out to be brilliant because Teichert kept pushing Lexi's down. I think he was intimidated by Booker's, so he left it alone.

Anyway, it was really fun. They had fun playing together. What was the funniest was seeing the differences between Booker's playing and Lexi's playing. At one point Booker was trying to find a way to ride Lexi's big red car down the slide, which I stopped him from doing, and Lexi was in her room feeding her Dolly and rocking it to sleep. Boys and girls are so different...

2. It's been raining and cold for 2 weeks. Seriously? It's mid-June and I don't have a tan. This is when I start looking up plane tickets for Phoenix.

3. I ran 4 miles in 45 minutes. Sadly, I didn't stop to walk at all, and I was still that slow. Oh well. I'm a jogger. I'll never be a runner. I recall an entry I read on this person's blog and she said that she had the best birthday because she ran 10 miles that morning. On her birthday. On my birthday I eat an entire chocolate cake. I aspire to enjoy running that much.

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Cute, cute Laney

One thing's for sure- this girl's a smiler. She loves smiling.

Brandon says she looks awkward in the bumbo, but she loves hanging out in it.

I like these two. Laney has the same smile Lexi has in the last picture. Lexi's around a year old in the last photo, and Laney's only 4 months. But you can see how different they look. Well, that's what I think anyway. They look like siblings, but not terribly similar.
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Ham Fried Rice

This delightful dish is one of my favorites and probably will be forever. It's so simple, yet so good. I remember coming home from college to visit, and my mom would make me a huge tupperware full to take back with me. It is so yummy. My mom always experimented and put different things in it every time she made it. Probably just whatever she could find in the house. My favore add-in that she tried: green peas. Mmmm.

And it's so easy to make.

Ingredients: rice
bacon or any other meat from a pig
eggs, scrambled
green onions, chopped
green chilies, diced
green peas
any other veggies you'd like to try
soy sauce

Cook rice in the morning and leave in fridge. scramble eggs. chop onions. cook bacon and chop. sautee any veggies. Put rice in pan and start heating with a little butter. Add all your other ingredients. Add soy sauce to liking. Heat through and cook until browned.

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So, I was looking through old pics, and I found this gem. This is Oct. of '07, Lexi's about a year old, and we were taking family photos with Brandon's brother Jason as the photographer. I thought this was priceless. Lexi still trying to squeeze into the shot...
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