Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy hormones can be drag. Lexi has been biting her paci tips off her pacis (see proof here), so I refused to buy her more. That's money down the drain, right? But I tell ya, it's so sad to have her naptimes and bedtimes now. It's almost as if she doesn't know what would make her happy, but she knows she's not happy. And she also has a big girl bed now, so the first few minutes of bedtimes consist of her crying at the door. A few minutes really isn't that bad, I know, but it's so hard for me to hear her calling for Mommy and crying. So of course, including the pregnancy hormones, I end up crying as well. It's quite ridiculous. Oh well. I'll deal with it. I'm not gonna buy any more pacis, so I guess I'm stuck.

Plus, Lexi is talking up a storm without that paci in her mouth all the time! It's so cute!


Muscle Man

I married a muscle man.
Let me explain. So, this morning I go down to my car with Lexi so we can go to the gym. I notice that the people who plow the parking lot have left a 1 1/2 foot high, 2 or 3 feet wide pile of icy snow behind my car. I say to myself, "Well, if I just gun it, I can get over that snow." So, I gun it and get my back tires over, but now I'm completely stuck. Can't go any further back, can't go back forward because my tires have made nice little holes for themselves in the snow.

So, I call Brandon and say, "Help!" He comes down and tries to figure out how to possibly get my car out. So, after trying a few things, he just goes to the back of the car and says he'll push, and I need to put the car in drive and press the gas, because we have a better chance getting the car to go forward than back.

He starts pushing and amazingly the car moves, but is nowhere close to actually getting unstuck. He keeps pushing, and slowly but surely the car gets unstuck. I'm serious... it was unbelievable, simply because he had to push the car uphill over icy snow, with no traction for the tires.

Then HE gets in the car, and shows me how to really gun it and get the car over the stinkin ice. I hate snow.

But I love my hubbie! He's awesome.


30 weeks

So, I'm 30 weeks prego, and I've noticed very few differences between this pregnancy and Lexi's. But there's one that's getting kind of annoying...

With Lexi, she moved a LOT, but it was never uncomfortable. She just moved around, seemingly content in her little warm living area. Maybe that's why she was overdue. She was so comfortable.

With this one, I feel like she's stretching out all possible limbs of her body and trying to break through my skin! She doesn't have the room she wants, and therefore wants to hurt me in the process. Maybe that means she'll come early...

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. My little girl Lexi has the cute one to look at, but I decided I'd start one to write about the random and funny things that happen in my life. I hope you enjoy. Here's my pride and joy.