Lanie's Birthday!

Wow, I need to get back on the wagon with this whole blogging thing...
Lanie turned 3 a couple weeks ago, and it was a total blast. Here are a few pictures, and a list of "Did You Know's" about Lanie.
Did You Know That...
  • Lanie isn't potty trained? She absolutely refuses. We're gonna try again in a few weeks.
  • Lanie won't let you call her anything but Lanie. Several times a day, this is what I hear... "I not sweetie pie. I Lanie!" "I not honey. I Lanie!" "I not Lanie Bug. I Lanie!" "I not sweetheart. I Lanie!" You'd think I'd get the point, but I still call her nicknames. :)
Tyler and Valentina came to Kangaroo Zoo and played on Lanie's bday. The girls had such a blast!
  • Lanie is obsessed with Mean Guys. She will point out all the mean guys in the movies she watches. And she will tell you all about them.
  • Lanie LOVES animals. Any and all animals. She would be in heaven on a farm. No fear whatsoever.

Tyler going up the big slide with the girls. Again, they had a blast.

  • Lanie is very attuned to moods and feelings. She gets very sad if one of us is sad. She has to console if someone is hurt. She really doesn't like it if Rett is crying. She wants to help if she ever can.
  • Lanie is still fearless. She will do anything she sees that looks hard.

Valentina with Lexi. Yes, she's gorgeous. And the nicest person in the whole world. She's like a cross between Latin Barbie and Mother Theresa. :)

  • Lanie loves getting her nails painted. And she loves to tell you that your outfit looks cute. :)
  • Lanie loves to dance. She will get on some dress-up clothes and ask you to dance with her. Or she will spin around while singing.

Lanie's nose is scratched up from a fall a few days prior.

  • Lanie is very into the Polly Pockets recently. She will carry at least 2 wherever she goes. She loves having them talk to each other and play with each other.
  • Lanie will only wear skirts. She hates wearing pants. And she also won't wear long sleeves. This makes winter rather difficult. :) We make it work...

Rett was so good at Kangaroo Zoo. He actually slept in his carseat(!) and then smiled the rest of the time.

  • Lanie is like Lexi- a little late-talker. But that's okay. She's a little below average, but I'm confident she'll pick it up just like Lexi did.
Lanie's cake. Coldstone ice cream cake. It's our tradition. I highly recommend it. Delicious!

  • Lanie still takes a 3-hour nap. I'm one lucky mommy. And she is a happy toddler because of it. :)

Feeding Grandpa some of her cake. Haha

  • Lanie is a good little helper. Every time she sees me start to feed Rett she automatically gets a burp cloth and a diaper. She knows that I'll need them, so she gets them for me.
  • Lanie LOVES Rett. She is so good with him, has never been jealous of him and always tries to make him happy. If he starts to fuss, I will ask her to go talk to him and she happily does so.

Opening presents. She loved them all.

  • Lanie loves mac n cheese, and not so much hot dogs, the exact opposite of Lexi. She'll have mac n cheese anytime.

One last pic with Auntie Valentina. We love her! Oh, and Tyler too. :)

  • Lanie is an absolute joy. We are so happy to have her in our family. I can't wait to see who she will grow up to be! Just don't call her anything but Lanie. :)
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Girls' hair- 2 buns with a ribbon

I have good news. I've started a little girls' hair menu at the side of my blog. So if you want to look up all the hairstyles at the sidebar, you can.

Anywho, today is an easy hairdo, but an oh-so-cute hairdo. I just love ribbons in little girls' hair!

First, spray generously with spray gel, and put one side into a low ponytail- This is the key- Low, and by the ear. It will help keep the ribbon in place later.

Then put the other ponytail in place. Make sure they are on the same level. And I didn't realize how un-centered her part was until I was halfway done. And I was too lazy to change it. :)

Next, twist up one ponytail until it starts twisting on itself...

Twist it around and hold it in place with your finger.

Get another elastic and hold that hair in place.


Do the same on the other side.

You're pretty much done!

So cute! But it's even cuter with a ribbon! Most of the ribbons I own actually came from gift bags and such and I just kept the ribbon to use in my hair and my girls' hair.

This is where the Low bun by the ear helps. You will tie the ribbon in place on her head, or use some of those elastic headbands that you can buy...

But by having the bun so close to the ear, it will help keep the ribbon/headband in place all day.
Enjoy! Hope this helps.

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