iPhone pics- dates, preschool, and the pool

May was kind of a whirlwind. In a good way! We had lots of fun, and here is what we did...

I think one of the weirdest things about Brandon being bishop is that he has the authority to marry people. Weird! He's performed the ceremony about 6 times since he's been bishop, but since we have kids and I don't want to get a sitter, I've never been able to watch him. Well, One Friday night, we had a wedding reception to go to AFTER he performed a completely different wedding, so I got a sitter so we could do both.

Man was it fun to see him marry someone. Seriously. The best part (NOT) is all the people that ask me how old he is. Yes, he's young. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE. Haha, just kidding. Anyway...

Here we are in the car on the way to his officiating gig.

We really can't help ourselves...

I asked him if he felt nervous, and this is the face he gave me. Goofball...

Like I said. Weird. But he's the cutest officiator I've seen. :)

Lexi graduated from preschool. She had the same preschool last year, but the difference between last and this year is amazing. She's come out of her little shell! She was so cute singing!

Here little bestie, Melayna. They had so much fun together!

Lexi's teacher, Miss M. The best preschool teacher in Utah. Period.

So proud of my little girl! Not so little now, my goodness. Next stop-- Kindergarten!

Our community pool opened up this weekend, and you better believe we were there on the first day. The girls just love it. And so does their mom. :) I thought this face on Lanie was classic.

Rett's first year, and thank goodness he loves it! He loves his little floater toy, and I think he'll just get better during the summer. Really, he's such a good, go-with-the-flow baby. We love this little guy to death!

He's slightly translucent. haha. We'll just lather the sunscreen...
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I think everyone has heard of this website, but I reward myself every year with one new swimsuit. One of my old ones is turning ragged and I need to replace it. I'll be doing that here this year... http://www.hapari.com/modest-tankinis/


San Diego, part 4- Friday

Brandon got done with his conference Thursday night, so we had Friday all to ourselves.

We went to La Jolla on our honeymoon, and our hotel was within eyesight of the temple. But on our honeymoon, it was closed for cleaning. We had always wanted to do a session at the San Diego temple, and we finally got our chance.

We tried to take pics, but they aren't great. I picked the only 2 good ones we got.

We did a session and then were asked if we had time to help with sealings. We said sure and headed up to the sealing rooms. BTW, the San Diego temple is GORGEOUS. Did you know they have an atrium where the sealing rooms are? Live plants and beautiful flowers, right there.

Anyway, while we came in to do sealings, the sealer kept asking if we knew what we were doing. We kept saying yes. Then one of the patrons asked if we were newlyweds. We explained that we had been married nearly 7 years and that we had 3 kids. Their response? "What, did you guys get married when you were 14?!"

My response? "Like, ew, gross! Boys had cooties when I was 14." :) Just kidding... we just smiled and mumbled that we're older than we look.

The streak is alive and well. This happens to us wherever we go...

After the temple, we decided to drive across the freeway and find some lunch. We stumbled upon our old honeymoon stomping grounds! We went to this same shopping area complex every night on our honeymoon, and nearly every night we went to this place called BJ's. LOVE IT. We just had to eat there again. Their Pizookie is to die for.

Classic funny face from hubs...

Finally a nice enough pic. :)

We finished up the day by showing hubs my beach spot (it was overcast, the only overcast day, so we didn't stay long), went to the hotel and, get this, took a nap. Wow, it's been a while since we've done that. Then we went out to dinner and had a fun night.

My mother-in-law was SO nice to watch the kids so we could have this week together. I had so much fun. I know that some people might think that all day, every day at the beach is boring, but it was just what I wanted. Perfect.

3 books later, we made it home on Saturday. Boy, did I miss those kids! Rett seemed like he had gotten so big!

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San Diego, part 3- epiphanies

This is kind of a strange post, but as I was at the beach one day, I was reminded of the following quote from Susan Easton Black. Forgive me, it's paraphrased: "Small people talk about people. Bigger people talk about events. And the biggest people talk about ideas."

These ladies parked next to me at the beach one day, and since they were loud, I was privvy to their conversations. They're older, probably in their 60's. And amidst their talking about cruises, Florida, etc., they would talk... about people. They would make fun of neighbors, cuss about children and spouses, complain about exes, say that they hate so-and-so. It made me sad to think that they've lived a whole life and they are still just talking about... people. I don't want to be like that. I want to grow wiser with each year and talk about ideas. I don't want to make myself small and talk about other people.

It also made me happy to come back from a recent retreat with some girlfriends and realize after the fact that our conversations never revolved around people. If they did, it was always positive. We talked about events and ideas. And that made me feel lucky to have the friends I have. The end. I'm getting off my soapbox...

The other definitely less-serious epiphany is that these babies are awesome. The Sea Salt Caramel is my fave. There was a Ghirardelli store a few blocks from the hotel and Hubbie bought me a huge bag for my birthday. I'm salivating just thinking about it...
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San Diego, part 2- birds

If you've been to the San Diego beaches, you know the birds are used to people and are used to being fed.

This bird flew down as soon as I started eating my sandwich and stayed and watched me the WHOLE TIME I ate. As soon as I put my wrapper away and finished my chips, he flew away. Thought he could get me to cave... but as soon as you do, you have 20 more birds coming for a snack.

This guy also wanted a meal. the seagulls are a lot pushier, but I wasn't even eating at the time, so he didn't really have a chance. He stayed for a good 10 minutes, just staring at me.

Thought this was funny. The whole time I was at the beach, there were 5 birds on top of the lifeguard station, perfectly spaced. If one flew away, another would replace him. Don't exactly know what they're watching for... tsunami?
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San Diego, part 1

I've decided to break this up, because I love talking and it would be way too long all in one post. :)

Welcome to one of the best weeks of my life. :) I got to spend an entire week at the beach, kidless, reading a book.

Brandon had a conference in San Diego, it happened to fall on my birthday, and it was perfect timing for my mother in law to watch the kids so I could go with him. The kids had a blast with her, and I had a blast at the beach.

This is my view from my beach spot. Every day, I would have the same routine: wake up, go the the hotel gym (I knew I'd be eating a ton this week), get in swimsuit, make a stop at subway for a sub, get to the beach, set up my cabana, read for 5 hours, sleep sometimes, then go back to the hotel and shower, wait for hubbie to be done working, then go out to eat and have fun with the hubs. I don't think I've ever been so lazy. And it felt GREAT.

I weened the baby before I left, but brought the breast pump (Kim, you're awesome. That breast pump saved my life) so I could continue to breastfeed when I got back. Problem is, I'm very prone to breast infections and I went 12 hours without pumping while I was traveling. Big mistake.

That night I could feel an infection coming, and the next day I was in denial, and then I broke down and called my doc to call me in a prescription for antibiotics. Tell you what, I was SO GRATEFUL I had a rental car when I had to go to the pharmacy at 10:30pm. Antibiotics kicked in quick, and then I was fine.
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Easter '12

My in-laws were in town for easter, which was so much fun. Of course, I didn't take any pictures. I'm so bad.

I at least took pictures of the community easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun, and the girls had fun finding eggs.


Lexi took her new scooter from Nana and Grandpa. She also got a bike from her mom and dad. 5 1/2 years old, and she finally gets a bike. She absolutely loves it. Lanie got a scooter too.
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