Hair ideas- Basic French Braid

I've decided what I want for my birthday this year. A new camera. Mine is 5 years old. I'm pretty sure my phone camera is better than my regular camera. Maybe come April we'll have better pictures. For now, these will have to do. :)

Anywho, today we have 2 hairstyles in one post! The basic french braid, AND braid into two ponies. Here's what the french braid will look like...
And then what the braid/2 ponies will look like...
I wanted Lane's hair to be up, but when I do that, the front tends to fall out unless I put a small ponytail or braid in the front. So, here's the french braid.

Start with the right tools, spray liberally, and use your comb to get a section of hair on the top.

This section will be the basis for your braid, so choose the amount of section in the front that you want. Split into 3, and then start the braid.

Take a section in the front, take the hair until it meets the braid, and add it into a piece.

Smooth out the hair before you continue the braid.

Then take the next section on the other side. The key to a good french braid is threefold- 1)take even sections throughout the braid, 2) place your HANDS where you want the braid to go- hand placement is very important, 3) keep your part on the opposite side as straight as you can.
Smooth out the hair before you continue.

Continue the french braid until you are at a place that you want to stop. See the part on the left and how it's relatively straight? That's what I meant earlier.

For this hairstyle, I wanted to continue the braid to be able to put in in a ponytail. You can either do that, or just put a ponytail where you stopped the french braid. Either works fine.

A cute french braid in the front of her face. You can stop there, OR...

Keep going with 2 ponies. Lanie's hair was down the day before and I hadn't washed it, so I wanted to put it up. Use spray gel to help you get a good part for two ponies.

Get the ponytail all ready to go before you put the braid in. I usually do that at the last minute.

You can either do a high pigtail or you can keep it low and flip the hair up like so. It's easier to keep the ponytail low or else you might mess up the braid.

Repeat on the other side. Make sure that you keep the two ponytails on the same level.

Here they are side by side.
Then I used the straitener to give the hair some curl to cuten it up a little.

All done!
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  1. So cute! You've gotten so good at doing your girls hair.

  2. I like this one! I love the look of french braids and how they are coming back in. I just lack the patience at times. Lanie's face is adorable by the way!