Mmm Mmm Good

Frankly, I'm pretty proud of myself for this meal I cooked on Thursday. Before I got married, I didn't know how to cook. At all. I didn't even know how to cut an onion. Sad, but true. But the meal I made a couple days ago was DELISH. Homemade cream cheese wontons and sesame chicken.

Look at these beauties. Don't they look yummy? Well, I guess if you don't like Chinese food you won't think they're yummy...
And the sesame chicken. Again, stinking yummy.
The wontons were my favorite part. Brandon and I always get those as appetizers when we get Chinese food, and now we can enjoy them from the comfort of our home, whenever we want.

Now I have to go. I have beat Brandon at another game of table tennis...
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In light of the fact that this is totally public and all, I didn't want to post that Brandon was going out of town. Didn't want any crazy people trying to break in, or whatever other scenario my freaked out little brain wanted to put together.

You see, in the past when Brandon went out of town, I had to sleep on an air mattress in the living room with the TV on because I was too scared to sleep in the bed. This time, I did it. I slept in the bed. Yeah! I'm growing up. I had the flu and therefore didn't sleep well at all, but at least I was in the bed.

I'm so glad to have him back. He was out of town on business- he had his first week of his new job, and their corporate office is in San Jose, so he needed to meet people, etc.

And he's working from home! Which is pretty cool cuz when the kids are napping I can go on errands. Pretty convenient, actually. But we've got to completely redo our home office area to fit his needs. And when he's working he's working- we try not to bother him. But I'm not complaining! We save $ on gas, I actually get to see him even though he's the bishop, and my kids love having him home.

Honestly, I don't think it's coincidence that a few months after he's called as bishop he gets a new job where he can work from home. A definite answer to prayers...



I wanted to officially congratulate my hubster for getting a new job with Cisco. He starts next Tuesday, and he's excited.

This job comes with a pay increase, so that's always good.

Brandon is a very wonderful man. He has an incredible work ethic, and because of it, he will always be good at whatever he's doing.

I'm so proud of you babe. You are an incredible husband and father, and most of all, you're an incredible person. You always want to do the right thing, and you're always very cautious to make sure it's also what the Lord wants.

You are an inspiration to me, and one day I hope to be like you. Love you.

(This is a picture of something Brandon does best- making his kids laugh.)
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Crab at the Wernli's

Christmas '09

So, I didn't take any photos in Georgia, so instead I've attached my contribution to the Proffitt Family Christmas Yearbook. Enjoy.

Here are the highlights of Georgia this year:

1. Laney not sleeping. Not great anyway. Kind of annoying, but she was teething, so we don't really blame her.

2. Lexi progressively getting crankier and crankier. We gave her an inch and she took a mile, every time.

3. Presents. My ultimate favorite are my Uggs, given to me by my awesome and wonderful husband. I also got this really cool video camera thing. It looks like an Ipod, it's so small and fits in your palm; but it takes high def videos. Go to Lexi's blog if you want an example. So, be expecting more videos on here. :)

4. The puzzle. 1000 pieces and really hard. Kim and I did most of it, then the boys came in and actually started helping when it got easy. :)

5. Rock band. Always fun.

6. Charming Charlie's. An incredible little accessory place where I got like 7 pairs of earrings for $30. That was a really fun gift card to spend. :)

7. Gone With The Wind. We watched it on Girls' night, and I've never been more frustrated with a movie. Maybe when I watched Perfect Storm, but they might be tied. Why ruin the movie with that ending?

8. The racecar set. I had a lot of fun putting it together with the boys, but was too impatient to actually play it. Oh well.

9. Brandon's ingrown toenail. It got really infected, and he finally went to a doctor for the first time in 4 years. Poor guy always gets sick while on vacation. They did some minor surgery and he was okay in a couple days. :)

10. Lexi's face when she opened up her dollhouse furniture. "Can we go home and play with my dollhouse mommy?" "No, we're staying a Nana's house for a few more days." "No!!" That's the only thing that would tempt her away from Nana's house.

11. Leaving Lexi's silky and Brandon's laptop in Georgia. To be honest, I was more worried about the silky than the laptop. But Lexi's adjusting well until tomorrow when Tyler will bring them both to us.

12. Laney's not a good traveler, we've decided. She didn't do well on the plane. She was exhausted but wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, etc. I don't know how we'll do three. Not that i'm prego, I'm NOT.

All in all, it was really fun, as usual. I have awesome in laws. They are so welcoming and loving. I married into a great family. Thanks for all the fun times, we miss you already!

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Dear Polly Pocket,

Oh, how I love you. You have completely revolutionized the way we travel. Before it was hard to keep our little 3 year old entertained. Now, she plays with you for hours. It is a beautiful, wonderful thing. Our recent flights was super easy, and our ten hour drives before that were a breeze as well. So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Now, just figure out a toy to keep a 10-month old just as occupied. :)

And if my blog were popular, I'd be getting a bunch of free polly pocket stuff. Alas, I'll just stick to buying little bits every now and then.

I'll post about our trip in a little bit, I promise. ;)