Rett... isn't he cute?

Things are going great with our sweet Rett. He's a cutie. He actually slept 6 hours last night. In a row. I'm not expecting him to do that every night, but it sure was nice. :) Too bad we went out last night and I wasn't sleeping too...

Anywho, my awesome mother-in-law took some pics and here are some of my favorites:

He has some really funny faces he makes.

He's still a little jaundice, but that's okay.
You gotta love baby feet...
These next ones are all pretty funny. It's hard getting 3 kids to take a good pic.
Gotta love Lanie's smile. I think I was bribing her at this point to smile.
This one's not bad...
Rett loves having his mouth open. He does this a lot. :)
Again with the mouth! It's hilarious.
Awww. Love this one.
I think this one's the best with all 3.
This one cracks me up. Cross-eyed with his tongue out. Little jokester...
He's so cute!
Love those eyes!
That mouth. Seriously, in most of his pictures his mouth is wide open.
This one is so sweet. Lexi is awesome with Rett.