Catching Up- Pert 4

Brandon and I finished our basement. Well, technically we didn't lift a finger. We hired someone to do it. Anyway, he's almost done, so we're trying to do some of the painting before all the doors come on. Because painting without taping? Awesome. So much easier.

We had to put two coats of primer on and let me tell you, I HATE painting the ceiling. So annoying. But it was really fun hanging out with the Hubs and listening and singing to Christmas music.

I want to do grey on all the walls, and we tried out a color that I think turned out a little too dark. But that's why we started with Brandon's workout room. We don't care if it's too dark. We'll try a little lighter grey on the rest of the rooms.

Don't worry, the splotch on the wall is just a reflection. And obviously that's just cement on the floor. Another perk of painting sooner rather than later- no carpet to ruin. AND, it will also look much better with white trim and white crown moulding.
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Catching Up- Part 3

As is my style, I have a grand total of 3 pictures I deemed worthy of posting. Yikes. I really need to get my camera out. And these are just from my iPhone.

Anywho, every year I torture myself participate in the Turkey Trot with my sister. This year we did a different city's turkey trot, and it ended up being short by .3 of a mile. So after we crossed the finish line, we ran around the park until we reached the real distance. Stupid, but we wanted to go the full distance. We got 58:27, which is actually the best I've done.

The girls ran a one-mile fun run with their cousins and Brandon. He was nice enough to watch all the kiddos so I could run. They had so much fun!

I just thought this situation was funny. Rebecca lost a crown and had her husband superglue it back on. Remember the orthodontist? He tried to find tools around the house. The superglue didn't last long, so she had to go to the dentist. I think my favorite is the headlamp.
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Catching Up- part 2

We went to Arizona for 2 WEEKS for Thanksgiving, which was fabulous. Within said vacation, Brandon had to work at a conference for Invisalign, which my brother-in-law just so happened to be attending (he's an orthodontist). So, Rebecca, my sister, and I went too. I left my kids split up with two other sisters (THANK YOU!!!) and we all went to Vegas. It was very relaxing and fun. And did I mention all the yummy food?! Holy moly.

One night we went to Serendipity for dessert. I went to New York and had the original Serendipity's Frozen hot chocolate and it was TO DIE FOR. Naturally, I had to share this gem with my sister and her hubbie. And Brandon of course, but he had it before too.

There they are. Aren't they beautiful?? The menus looked so yummy we went back the next night for dinner AND dessert. If you go to Vegas, you HAVE to go to Serendipity III. Trust me on this one.

Here's a quick pic in front of our hotel. Just saying goodbye to our little vacation within a vacation. :)

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Catch Up Part 1

Sorry guys. Seriously. This poor blog. I figured I needed to do some blogging for posterity's sake. Here we go...

This picture was taken of Rett... just because. He's cute. He's almost 14 months and he's still not walking, but oh well. Lexi was the same way, so I'm not terribly worried.

Brandon wanted to show the girls the Original Peter Pan, so we found it on YouTube. It was a hit! We're gonna have to buy that one... But I thought the picture was cute of all three kids surrounding Dad.

My sister-in-law Valentina has a birthday in November, and the only thing she wanted for her b-day was for all of us to go to the temple and do sealings together. Which was really funny, by the way. "Brother Wernli, your turn. No, not you, Brother Wernli. The other Brother Wernli." The poor sealer had to refer to us as "Oldest Wernli brother", "next Wernli brother" and so on. :)

Next up, Vegas!
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