Catching Up- Pert 4

Brandon and I finished our basement. Well, technically we didn't lift a finger. We hired someone to do it. Anyway, he's almost done, so we're trying to do some of the painting before all the doors come on. Because painting without taping? Awesome. So much easier.

We had to put two coats of primer on and let me tell you, I HATE painting the ceiling. So annoying. But it was really fun hanging out with the Hubs and listening and singing to Christmas music.

I want to do grey on all the walls, and we tried out a color that I think turned out a little too dark. But that's why we started with Brandon's workout room. We don't care if it's too dark. We'll try a little lighter grey on the rest of the rooms.

Don't worry, the splotch on the wall is just a reflection. And obviously that's just cement on the floor. Another perk of painting sooner rather than later- no carpet to ruin. AND, it will also look much better with white trim and white crown moulding.
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