Catch Up Part 1

Sorry guys. Seriously. This poor blog. I figured I needed to do some blogging for posterity's sake. Here we go...

This picture was taken of Rett... just because. He's cute. He's almost 14 months and he's still not walking, but oh well. Lexi was the same way, so I'm not terribly worried.

Brandon wanted to show the girls the Original Peter Pan, so we found it on YouTube. It was a hit! We're gonna have to buy that one... But I thought the picture was cute of all three kids surrounding Dad.

My sister-in-law Valentina has a birthday in November, and the only thing she wanted for her b-day was for all of us to go to the temple and do sealings together. Which was really funny, by the way. "Brother Wernli, your turn. No, not you, Brother Wernli. The other Brother Wernli." The poor sealer had to refer to us as "Oldest Wernli brother", "next Wernli brother" and so on. :)

Next up, Vegas!
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