Catching Up- part 2

We went to Arizona for 2 WEEKS for Thanksgiving, which was fabulous. Within said vacation, Brandon had to work at a conference for Invisalign, which my brother-in-law just so happened to be attending (he's an orthodontist). So, Rebecca, my sister, and I went too. I left my kids split up with two other sisters (THANK YOU!!!) and we all went to Vegas. It was very relaxing and fun. And did I mention all the yummy food?! Holy moly.

One night we went to Serendipity for dessert. I went to New York and had the original Serendipity's Frozen hot chocolate and it was TO DIE FOR. Naturally, I had to share this gem with my sister and her hubbie. And Brandon of course, but he had it before too.

There they are. Aren't they beautiful?? The menus looked so yummy we went back the next night for dinner AND dessert. If you go to Vegas, you HAVE to go to Serendipity III. Trust me on this one.

Here's a quick pic in front of our hotel. Just saying goodbye to our little vacation within a vacation. :)

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